Manufacturing process

Physiological Effects

KAKEROMA KIBISU has been recognized to have various effective components;

Antioxidative activity, Anti-stress effect, Anti-mutagenicity, Anti-aging skin care effect.
Hepatopathy inhibiting effect, Phylactic effect, Anti-diabetic effect,Anemia improving effect, Constipation improving effect, Eliminating swelling, Fat-burning efficiently.
Eliminating hyperglycemia, Rejuvenate blood vessel, bone and skin, Prevention of osteoporosis, Prevention of high blood pressure, Prevention of arteriosclerosis. Anti-endotoxin shock effect. Skin whitening effect. Increase physical endurance effect.
Fatigue recovery effect, Improves athletic performance.
Increase muscle girth and decrease in body fat, Cholesterol lowering effect. Prevent cardiovascular and neurological diseases effect. Prevention of myocardial infarction, and Prevent the growth of a variety of cancer cells.

sugarcane vinegar


It has been producing this MIRACULOUS POWER since 400 years ago in small Kakeroma Island, Amami Oshima City, Kagoshima, Japan.
KAKEROMA KIBISU is a product made from superb-quality spring water with rich in minerals and squeezed traditionally grown sugarcane that fermented and aged by the singular acetobacter and natural yeast floating only in the air of KAKEROMA Island region.
It has been naturally fermented and aged without any additives, and also it is not distilled like other similar products.
Therefore, KAKEROMA KIBISU has high in scarcity value.

Miraculous Power of KAKEROMA KIBISU

KAKEROMA KIBISU is distinguished by its high nutritional scarcity value due to the extremely rich in Minerals.
Polyphenol,Octacosanol, and D-Mannitol.

Dr.Makoto Yoshimoto

Dr.Yoshimoto is recognized as the leading expert of KAKEROMA KIBISU in Japan, has been studying with fellow researcher Dr.Akio Mimura of Biotechnology professor in University of Yamaguchi.
His research revealed that KAKEROMA KIBISU has been shown to have prominent functionality from various angles and presented physiological effects by clinical research at academic society.
KAKEROMA KIBISU has attracted attention as "The Mysterious Vinegar" at academic society now.

GMP Certified Supplement Manufacturer

KAKEROMA KIBISU products is manufactured in GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facility of Nihon Biofoods Manufacturing Co.,Ltd in Miyazaki, Japan. is in compliance with the requirements of Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association GMP program for dietary supplements which is established in accordance with guideline issued by the Ministry Health, Labour and Welfare of Government of Japan. For over 25 years, Nihon Biofoods has been dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of people worldwide by providing innovative,high-quality, research-based nutritional supplements, health diagnostics technology platforms, and latest in medical education. All of our raw ingredient suppliers are qualified to meet purity standards and stringent specifications, plus we test and verify for added assurance.